COVID-19 Strategic Planning

PSI is committed to the health and wellness of our team, our clients and our community.


PSI continues to be focused on following COVID-19 control measures at all locations, and our team is constantly monitoring the situation to ensure the safety of both of our staff, our clients and our community.


Although the COVID-19 Pandemic has been an unpredictable, and difficult time for the world, this pandemic has taught us a valuable lesson, to not take everything for granted, Stay safe, stay well, and we as a community can get through this together.


Find our COVID-19 Policy below.

Our Partners

Our Team

The foundation of every great team is a direction that energises, orients, and engages its members. PSI is inspired by partnering and working toward our clients’ goals.

Vision & Mission

PSI works hard to create strategic partnerships that accelerates our strategy to become a leader in bringing greater piping engineering and creativity to respond to challenges of our industry.

Who We Are

PSI is a full- EPC service provider offering the mining and energy sector solutions for complex piping networks and other high-pressure, systems for surface and underground.

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