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Quality Focused Delivery

PSI have partnered with high-quality tier 1 suppliers to carry a range of off-the-shelf components to integrate with your piping system supply chain.

  • Line pipe (DN150 and DN200, ERW or seamless, cut to length, grooved or ringed, painted or galvanized)
  • Bends (3D and 5D)
  • Gruvlok couplings (a US-manufactured alternative which is entirely compatible with Victaulic grooves)
  • Valves for all applications
  • Pressure transmitter spools
  • Blast spools
  • Breast plates
  • CAT power generation systems
  • Installation accessories, including anchors, chain, supports, etc

Our Partners


PSI is proud to be the Australian Authorized Dealer for the Mining and Energy Sector of the full range of Gruvlok® products, and Valves.

ASC Engineered Solutions

ASC Engineered Solutions is defined by quality—in its products, services and support. With more than 1,400 employees, the company’s portfolio of precision-engineered piping support, valves and connections provides products to more than 4,000 customers across the globe and industries, such as mechanical, industrial, fire protection, oil and gas, and commercial and residential construction. Its portfolio of leading brands includes ABZ Valve®, AFCON®, Anvil®, Anvil EPS, Anvil Services, Basic-PSA, Beck®, Catawissa, Cooplet®, FlexHead®, FPPI®, J.B. Smith, Merit®,  North Alabama Pipe, Quadrant®, SCI®, Sharpe®, SlideLOK®, SPF® and SprinkFLEX®.


PSI is proud to be the Australian Authorized Dealer for the Mining and Energy Sector of the full range of Gruvlok® products.



Valves for all applications

Products Coming Soon.

CAT Power Generation

PSI recognizes that having reliability in remote location across the globe is highly important. When designing power for our clients we endorse the CAT range of power systems. This gives PSI and the client the ability to have the confidence that their equipment is of the upmost reputable and reliable across the globe.


Parts, Servicing, and consistent understanding of these pieces of equipment is what makes our clients have the respect that they are purchasing only Tier 1 products. CAT has the ability and the technology to provide full scale monitoring systems, regardless of the locations. When PSI is carrying out Engineering and Design for our clients we always promote the https://www.westrac.com.au/technology/visionlink-unified-suite/Product-Link The plug and play product link box (PL542) can be configured to a customer’s Wi-Fi network. We also have an oil condition monitoring sensor that can be installed and configured on your device so that the customer can keep track of;


  • Oil quality.
  • Utilization
  • Pressure
  • Power
  • But most importantly, reliability regardless of where they are in the world.
  • Very handy if the units are running in a remote or hard to access location.


Some key terminology’s are:


Vision Link – Asset tracking and measuring. Well understood and bedded down product.

Cat-Inspect – Paperless maintenance tracking tool (APP). Well understood and bedded down product.

Connected Worker – Person tracking. Emerging technology.


The power generation systems that CAT Produces is manufactured to the highest of Quality Control, and PSI has the ability to sources these parts from all corners of the globe.




We are the industry leaders in complex piping, and handle every aspect of these systems with strict compliance to the relevant codes and standards.

In-House Services

Beyond design, we have full in-house fabrication capabilities and offer a turn-key approach for complex piping and spool fabrication.

Site Support

Our Pastefill team has over 20 years experience in all aspects of the Pastefill cycle. On site we execute projects in a safe, reliable, and timely manner.

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