Where We Work

PSI  is an integral part of the global mining community

The implications of COVID-19 and, more importantly, our business, PSI has set standards to become resilient into the future, placing practical process to continue operating around the world.

To meet the challenges the world is facing with the pandemic, PSI has had to react in agile and decisive way and continue to provide our clients the tier 1 services they expect.


PSI has enhanced our business value proposition to build strategic resilience for tomorrow. This has proven to be a successful business model for PSI to continue servicing our clients and not be detained by boarders of uncertainty. With the digital transformation showing the world you do not necessarily need to be in a closed environment to understand the needs of our clients, we have ensured that regardless of location PSI has the ability to support.


Working in some of the most isolated locations PSI ensures the health of our employees is paramount, and the sites we work at are supported to continue operating without concerns of poor health.


Our team of industry professionals both highly skilled trade personnel or academics continue to raise the bar in all working environments PSI services.

Our Partners

Reliability Above & Underground

PSI works across a broad range of regions and industries; we are committed to create a simplistic service offer that redefines the normal contracting and engineering services.

With our head office in Perth WA and team of experienced personnel we are here to support no matter what location your requirements are.


Our disciplines

  • Engineering
  • Procurement and Products
  • Fabrication
  • Site Services


Let PSI concentrate on helping your company and business needs, we respond to the talent requirements quickly and efficiently but also assist you saving money and maximise potential by providing highly skilled experts for individual projects. PSI tries to save you having to build out and expand the expertise in a particular arena or arm of your business but more effortlessly, we have built and developed the ability create a one stop servicing company. This reduces the amount of suppliers taking a more effective and efficient way to complete projects of any size and capabilities.


We are a complementary service to the energy and mining companies, EPCM, and contractors across the globe.


Our services and partnership are forged based on the ability to have solid foundations across the world, giving PSI the confidence to supply and support anywhere, at any location.

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