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Paste Services International is an integral part of the global mining community

The implications of COVID-19 and, more importantly, our business, PSI has set standards to become resilient into the future, placing practical process to continue operating around the world.

To meet the challenges the world is facing with the pandemic, PSI has had to react in agile and decisive way and continue to provide our clients the tier 1 services they expect.


PSI has enhanced our business value proposition to build strategic resilience for tomorrow. This has proven to be a successful business model for PSI to continue servicing our clients and not be detained by boarders of uncertainty. With the digital transformation showing the world you do not necessarily need to be in a closed environment to understand the needs of our clients, we have ensured that regardless of location PSI has the ability to support.


Working in some of the most isolated locations PSI ensures the health of our employees is paramount, and the sites we work at are supported to continue operating without concerns of poor health.


Our team of industry professionals both highly skilled trade personnel or academics continue to raise the bar in all working environments PSI services.

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Reliability Above & Underground

Some mining methods are conducted kilometers/miles at depth underground, primarily in a horizontal method of mining. 

When certain redundant areas of the mine become redundant the area is then backfilled, securing, and stabilizing the area to work on the next level ensuring the previous mining workings are stable to continue the mining in an upwards direction. The redundant working is backfilled with Paste      byproduct of the unused ore. Tailings can be stored below ground in previously worked out voids. The tailings are generally mixed with a binder, usually cement, and then pumped underground to fill voids and help support an underground mine. There are several different types of underground mining. 

  • Sublevel caving mining 
  • Block caving mining 
  • Cut and fill mining 
  • Room and pillar 

For example, “cut and fill” or ‘room and pillar’ mining operation that uses backfill will be able to extract the ore from the bench or insitu pillars containing ore. This is possible due to the cemented backfill acting as a support and preventing heading collapse and problems with subsidence. The backfill tailings are generally mixed on the surface with the cement in a small processing batching plant and then piped either down a decline, shaft or surface borehole(s) into the area of the mine that requires backfilling. 


Paste Services International is an integral part of the underground mining community; we are “Reliability Underground” for secure and ensuring that stability for redundant and future passages are stable on every level of exploration and mining. 


We are a complementary service to mining companies, backfill/paste consultants, hard rock mining and production contractors across the globe. 


Our services and partnership are forged based on the ability to have solid foundations across the world, giving PSI the confidence to supply and support anywhere, at any location. 

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