Our Story

PSI provides a full range of EPC and professional services, complex fabrication, site services, products and specifically packaged project designs. We work closely with EPCM’s, mining organisations and the energy sector, developing a diverse range of innovative solutions across selected sectors.

Our Focus

PSI is committed to creating lasting strategic partnerships that accelerates our strategy to  bring leading project experience and creativity to respond to industry challenges. Whatever the requirement PSI, has the capability and the scalable expertise to deliver first-class services to the industry.


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    Solid foundations across the world

    PSI has a globally dedicated unity of purpose, direction and people engagement, enabling agile alignment with client strategies, policies, processes and resources to achieve outstanding quality and safety objectives.


    As an integral part of the resources and energy sector; we are “Reliability in Engineering” and have partnered with some the most successful global companies of design and manufacturing.


    Our services and support are forged on the ability to have solid foundations across the globe, giving PSI the confidence to supply tier 1 products and support our clients anywhere, at any location.

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    Industry Leading Quality & Safety

    PSI is a full- EPC service provider offering the mining and energy sector solutions for complex piping networks and other high-pressure, systems for surface and underground. Our vision is to take care of these systems to allow mining and energy leaders to focus on pursuing their core competency. Using our team of specialists we handle engineering, design, fabrication, product supply, site installation, operational maintenance, as a single source of contact.

    Globally Focused Innovation

    With the digital transformation showing the world you do not necessarily need to be in a closed environment to understand the needs of our clients, we have ensured that regardless of location PSI has the ability to support. Working in some of the most isolated locations PSI ensures the health of our employees is paramount, and the sites we work at are supported to continue operating without concerns of poor health.

    The PSI Advantage

    At PSI we understand that every decision regarding quality and process implementation, requires a finely tuned balance of cause and effect relationships in addition to expert assess risk assessment and proactive change management. More than just an EPC provider, we help you to consider the full impact of the decision making on process as well as the cultural shift toward optimal operation. Ensuring your business focuses on facts, evidence and data analysis when deciding the best course of action when problem solving or just improving on quality.

    Simplifying the Process

    Our service offer is to simplify the aspects of engaging several engineering houses, suppliers and service providers and become more cost effective and efficient which will result towards reducing the risk of an oversight in project delivery, procurement, complex fabrication and site services with installation.

    Accessing Quality Resources

    We have developed strategic partnerships with global suppliers that are exceptional in their respective niches, allowing PSI to provide a total solution that is not defined by borders or any industry paradigms. Our team of professionals have access to the highest of quality products across the globe and regional locations, which reduces costs significantly to our end users. Our objective is simple, be great at what we do, always.

    Delivering Long-Term Solutions

    Our unparalleled experience in both surface and underground piping systems and using the advanced technical knowledge of our team we have the ability to create and think without limits and embrace new ideas, shaping our chosen field with solutions to help clients address current and future challenges making PSI a premier partner in piping design, complex fabrication and site services around the world.

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